Attractive point: EXO’s maknae, and because of it he has unknowingly become the aegyo in charge.

    How is it like to be the maknae in a group of 12 guys: Received the love from hyungs. If I were to live again, I will still choose to be born as EXO’s maknae.

    Banmal (informal language) TIME GAME: A while ago at the birthday party 10 minutes of the banmal TIME was given, at that time I plunged myself into the game and dashed straight through without thinking. But because I feel that if I continue on with this game I will no longer belong to this world, so I’m going to return into being a beautiful maknae.

    If you can have more superpower: Ability to control feelings and emotions. Because to see people I love getting tired and hurt is really heartbreaking.

    Ideal type: The person who rushes to me first to help me apply medication when I get injured. (And Miranda Kerr ♥)

    If you were to confess: Under the moonlight, setting fireworks by the seaside. After that I’ll hold her hands and say, “I can’t do without you. I love you, till I die.” Does it make you cringe? I think I’ll be able to say it better if I am a bit older.

    Members’ secret: Suho can’t watch horror films. Although he always claims loudly that he can take horror movies, but he always goes online and manage to avoid eye contact in order to hide the truth.

    Convenience store: Biscuits and chocolate, jelly at the counter is first choice!

    If you were to steal a member’s ability: Baekhyun hyung’s humour, Kai hyung’s ability to hide his milky white skin under his clothes, Chanyeol hyung’s happy personality, D.O hyung’s beautiful smile, Suho hyung’s straightforwardness. But Suho hyung’s stiff body, nah, forget it. (… Hyung, I’m joking.) If I were to steal them all I’ll be greedy, so even if I’m lacking, I will make do with my charms.

    Thing you are concerned with recently: The struggle before I sleep and after I wake up! What clothes should I wear today so that I’d look good? 

    When I’m sexy: When I’m acting cool in front of the mirror with my bareface after I shower. Even if it is not sexy enough I think it’s quite handsome. Because I’m the only one who sees it..

    Sehun’s three points: Often smiles, warm heart, collarbone.

    Sehun user manual: If I’m very happy I am not able to control myself.So I’d be very thankful if you understand when I am very noisy. I will quieten down in no time. Because I’m O-bloodtype, I get hurt when I receive criticisms from many people all at once. Please guide me a lot in the future.

    kor-chi trans: 海天月夜
    chi-eng trans: exonyeoshidae

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